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Streamline your contract lifecycle

DocuSign CLM

Automate the agreement lifecycle

While eSignature has changed the way that many organisations execute a contract, the lifecycle before and after signature is often managed through manual processes, spreadsheets, and emails—slowing the pace of doing business, increasing risk, and frustrating customers and employees.

DocuSign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) allows organisations to streamline the agreement lifecycle by transforming analog manual processes into a digital automated workflow. The end result is an accelerated pace of doing business, increased compliance, and more efficient employees.


Save money and decrease your time to revenue.
Make it easier for customers and employees to do business.

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Do business faster

Automate manual tasks, orchestrate complex workflows, and eliminate bottlenecks to get work done faster and more accurately.
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Increase compliance

Standardise business processes and increase oversight, while reducing dependency on your legal team.
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Improve customer experiences

Exceed customer expectations with a transparent, convenient, accelerated contracting experience.

Learn how DocuSign CLM works

DocuSign CLM application

Key features

DocuSign CLM delivers robust functionality that’s easy to implement, use, and extend across the entire organisation.
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Flexible, configurable workflow

Allow business users to design and automate even the most complex agreement processes, eliminating bottlenecks and automating manual handoffs.

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Seamless document generation

Create preconfigured templates that auto-populate contracts with data from other systems and approved language.

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Centralised searchable repository

Store, tag and organise all contracts in a single, searchable place, with granular permission controls. Increase oversight and reduce time wasted searching for contracts.

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Support for collaboration and negotiation

Send contracts for review, track changes across multiple versions, and maintain a single source of truth for who did what, when.

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Clause library

Reduce sales dependence on legal during negotiation by creating an easily accessible library of pre-approved clauses and fall-back options.

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Rich integrations

Prebuilt connectors and rich APIs enable key contract tasks to happen within the tools you already use. Pull in data, generate agreements, kick off workflows, and more.

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Best-in-class security

Minimise risk with the most secure CLM solution in the market: SOC 2, HIPAA, TRUSTe, and FedRAMP.

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Drybar’s scalable CLM solution

“[DocuSign CLM] has enabled me to be extremely service-oriented with my team, at a low cost. I’m working faster and more collaboratively.”
— Alyson Barker, General Counsel
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75% reduction in contract lifecycle time

OmniTRAX gained greater control of its agreements and vastly reduced contract lifecycle time with DocuSign CLM.
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Automated contract renewal reminders

DocuSign CLM helped POPSUGAR negotiate and keep up with deadlines for all its vendor contracts.
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Modernising contract management

Peak10 is using DocuSign CLM together with Salesforce CPQ to simplify its contract process, improve compliance and governance, and help their sales team increase productivity.


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Accelerate your contract lifecycle with DocuSign CLM

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