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From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, agreements are everywhere. With DocuSign eSignature, you have the ability to complete contracts, approvals, and other agreements in minutes rather than days. And because it's part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, you can extend these benefits to other stages of the agreement process, such as preparing, acting on, and managing agreements.

DocuSign eSignature benefits

DocuSign eSignature accelerates agreements, eliminates manual tasks, and makes it easy to connect with the tools and systems you’re already using.
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Do business faster

Send and sign agreements securely from virtually any device. Up to 82% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 49% in less than 15 minutes.


Be more efficient

DocuSign eSignature eliminates manual tasks and increases convenience for your customers and employees.

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Save money

DocuSign eSignature saves an average of $36 per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.

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DocuSign eSignature handles the most demanding customer requirements, delivering an experience simple enough for practically anyone to adopt.

Sign from anywhere

Our highly-rated mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows let you work on the go—even when you don’t have internet access.

Instant status visibility

Always know where your agreement is in the signing process. Set automatic reminders and receive notifications at every step.

Collect the details you need

Add standard fields to your agreement like a signature or date, or create and save custom fields.

Support for 43 languages

DocuSign offers users the ability to sign documents in 43 localised languages and to send in 13.

Reusable templates

Save time and standardise processes by storing frequently used agreements along with their custom fields, recipient routing, and other settings.

350+ integrations & leading APIs

Integrate and connect eSignature with the systems and tools you already use.
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Highly secure

DocuSign meets some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available.

Industry-leading availability

DocuSign’s eSignature infrastructure has enabled us to deliver over 99.99% platform availability worldwide for the last 24 months.

Lawful and court-admissible

DocuSign eSignature can assist your company in meeting the requirements of an electronic signature under section 10 of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth). We automatically store and generate a robust audit trail for every agreement.
Harris Real Estate office

Harris Real Estate closes more deals with DocuSign

Since implementing DocuSign, Harris Real Estate has seen a 65% increase in sales capacity. Watch their story on how using electronic contracts is a ‘game changer’ for Harris Real Estate.
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Customer stories


Domain goes digital with DocuSign

Domain opted to go paperless with DocuSign. The result? The elimination of paper has improved the flexibility and speed of sales transactions.
The Adecco Group

Technology is helping The Adecco Group place candidates, faster

The Adecco Group modernised its agreement processes to connect millions of people with career opportunities.
Yarra Ranges in Victoria

The Yarra Ranges Council leads the charge in Digital Transformation

DocuSign has helped Yarra Ranges Council transform its workflows to enable better experiences for staff and constituents, save costs, and reduce its environmental impact.
Featured integrations
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Accelerate your sales contracts and other agreements without ever leaving Salesforce.

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Sign and send documents for signature from the Google products you already use.

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Enable electronic signatures within a variety of solutions, including SAP ERP, SAP Customer Experience, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP SuccessFactors.

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DocuSign and Workday have partnered to transform how HR gets agreements done.

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Learn how DocuSign eSignature can help you transform your business

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Save money with DocuSign

Cut document handling time from 90 to 9 minutes. This is just one of the benefits of eSignatures, a new Forrester study finds.
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Calculate your ROI

Estimate the economic benefit DocuSign eSignature can have on your business.
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Watch DocuSign eSignature 101

Learn the basics of sending and signing agreements.

How will you DocuSign?

Sales contracts

New hire documentation

Invoice processing

Purchase orders

Expense reporting

Vendor agreements

Internal compliance


Letters of intent


The Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth) recognises an electronic signature as valid if it identifies the person signing and shows their intention, the signing method is reliable, and the person receiving the signature consents to the signer using an electronic signature.  Electronic signatures have been used for electronically signing offer letters, sales contracts, permission slips, rental/lease agreements, liability waivers, financial documents, etc. They are legally enforceable in most business and personal transactions in almost every country in the world. Learn more in our eSignature Legality Guide.
To send an agreement with DocuSign eSignature, upload your document, then drag your signature, text, and date fields. Then click Send and DocuSign will email a link to the recipient where they can access the document. Try online signing for free.
With DocuSign eSignature, signing is always free! Recipients click a link to open the agreement on an internet-enabled device (like a mobile phone, tablet, or computer). Tabs and simple instructions guide the user through the signing process, even adopting an electronic signature. The recipient clicks Finish to save the signed document.
It is always free to sign documents using DocuSign eSignature. DocuSign charges eSignature users for premium features like requesting signatures from others, custom branding, signer authentication, and more. See plans and features.
Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, are a broad category of methods for signing a document. A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that uses a specific technical implementation. Digital signature providers like DocuSign follow the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) protocol.
With DocuSign eSignature, you can upload documents in formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, or other common formats. You can upload documents from your computer or popular file-sharing sites like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
Yes, with DocuSign Payments, you can sign and pay in just one step. Make payments using any major credit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay.
Yes, with DocuSign Click, you can document and manage consent to standard terms—such as T&Cs, privacy policies and disclosures. Click is purpose-built to address this style of agreement, known as a clickwrap, to reduce expense, minimize legal risk, and improve customer experience.

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