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Analyse and discover with AI.

DocuSign Intelligent Insights powered by Seal Software
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Discover insights in your agreements.

Intelligent Insights uses AI to help you find and analyse clauses within your agreements. It indexes agreements anywhere in your enterprise—across multiple DocuSign eSignature accounts, internal systems, and external storage. Advanced search and extraction policies identify the clauses you need to review. Easily build side-by-side comparisons to quickly pinpoint risk, and drill down on inconsistencies and opportunities. It's the intelligent way to analyse all your agreements.

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Search everywhere

Index and analyse all your agreements across multiple DocuSign eSignature accounts and non-DocuSign systems.
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Analyse with AI

Go from keywords to concepts with natural language processing and clause recognition.
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Visualise results

Put the "sight" in "insights"—with standard and customisable data visualisations.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Intelligent Insights and Total Search powered by Seal Software?

Total Search allows you to search the envelope metadata and full text of your agreements using human-driven search techniques. Intelligent Insights has all of Total Search’s capabilities, plus AI concept search and recognition, data visualisation, custom extraction policies, and optional extraction packs for specialised use cases like GDPR.

What are common use cases for Intelligent Insights?

  • Procurement and sourcing
  • M&A / strategic restructuring
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Legal operations
  • Revenue optimisation and operations

Can Intelligent Insights search both the metadata and the full text of DocuSign envelopes?

Yes, Intelligent Insights automatically indexes the metadata and full text of DocuSign envelopes, including custom fields and the Certificate of Completion.

How does Intelligent Insights handle documents that are images of text?

Intelligent Insights includes optical character recognition, a technology that "reads" the text from an image, making it indexable for search. So, if you want to index legacy agreements that are still on paper or are in image files, you can.

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